About ProDataRex

  1. ProDataRex eliminates the file creation/upload/download cycle from the Client/Vendor process. A ProDataRex subscription allows a Client to install a service on the same machine that holds the database for their software. This ProDataRex service sends skiptrace/scoring date to the ProDataRex web platform. The data on the ProDataRex web platform is sent from there to the respective Vendors, and the return information from the Vendors is then sent to the Client. There is no need for the client to be involved in the transfer of data.
  2. ProDataRex Clients can also manage their waterfall process via ProDataRex's web site. So if a Client wants accounts with a certain Score range to subsequently be sent to a skiptracing vendor, all they need to do is configure their account in ProDataRex , and accounts that meet the criteria they specify will proceed to the next step in their waterfall.
  3. The ProDataRex platform also provides a dashboard view for a Client to see all of their skiptracing/scoring analytics. Comparing costs and results for all services, from all vendors can be efficiently managed in one central location.
  4. The benefit for a ProDataRex Client is that their ability to purchase services from Vendors is no longer limited by their collection software, their technical expertise, or development time. They can get service from any Vendor as soon as they have a contract.
  5. The benefit for Vendors is that their Clients can use their services just as quickly as they can get a contract. They can eliminate exchanging schemas and test files in a sandbox environment before going live.

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