Promoneo, from Divinity Software Group, allows you to always know the who, what and when of the important processes that drive your business.

Promoneo is Latin for “I warn or admonish further”. Promoneo process documentation and monitoring does just that. It is a platform for comprehensive monitoring of all compatible business processes configured for your organization. With Promoneo, you will always know the who, what and when of your regular business processes. Promoneo also serves as a level of living documentation for the manual task based processes configured and operated on the Promoneo platform.

A light internal foot print

Although some of the plugins may require a local install, the majority of the platform is securely hosted in the cloud. This means no servers to purchase and maintain.

A rich supporting framework

ETLPro api – manage and accomplish the execution of Pervasive ETL’s.
ExchangeMon api – plugin for Latitude’s Exchange Clients. Promoneo api library – library for rapid integration of Promoneo connectivity into any custom application … More to come!

Configurable views

Configure views for Processing department, Account department, Executives, phone agents, etc… Each can see what is meaningful to them at a glance.

An incredible level of security

Availability and durability with geo-redundant, pgp encrypted, blob based archives.

  1. How do you know what is happening right now with all of the puzzle pieces that make up your business?

  2. Do you know if your new business files have been processed?

  3. Do you know if there are data files waiting on a manual process to move information into or out of your office?

  4. With Promoneo to monitor your business processes, you will always know what is happening in your organization, from data processing to task based manual processes.

Our Expertise

Application Development

A trusted software development firm, Divinity applies its vast industry knowledge to building landmark enterprise solutions.

Quality Assurance

To avoid surprises at the very end of the implementation phase, QA becomes part of the development process.

Requirements Engineering

Someone from our team talks to business users and managers on a regular basis using the language of business, not just the language of IT.

Training & Certification

Providing our resllers with comprehensive training in order to analyize our clients' needs and provide outstanding service.

Research & Development

Divinity works with highly-sophisticated clients whose projects often demand solid scientific knowledge in multiple disciplines.

UX Design

UX encompasses all aspects of user interactions with a product, and UX Design is an important process of determining the user’s goals.


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