Propensio, from Divinity Software Group, helps give businesses an advantage by providing an all in one consumer-friendly portal for fast, secure, cost effective transactions and communications.


Instant access to information and seamless consumer friendly commerce is where Divinity Software Group leads the competition. Propensio Payment Portal, E-Document delivery with agent collaboration, SMS texting and E-mail delivery system provides the means to increase fees and reduce costs securely and effectively.


Consumers desire secure money movement to be sent from any device in real time to anyone from anywhere. With a focus on the consumer experience, ease of use required a simple yet fully functional portal. Propensio met the challenge and has the answers. Tired of paying per transaction costs? Propensio payment portal is a flat fee for unlimited transactions.


Along with technological advances consumers now expect diversified ways of contact. Texting and emailing are a necessary tool to stay competitive in today’s market. Not only reminders and notices but actual real time collaborative e-document solutions. Give your agents the tools necessary to deliver real time documents, letters or contracts and retrieve them fully executed and close the deal. No more waiting for mail to be returned or letters to be delivered.


Propensio offers an all in one consumer friendly collaborative portal for every transaction including payments, contract fulfillment, e-documents and contacts. Giving agents the ability to walk the consumer through a contract while watching it be completed in real time sealing the deal in one phone call. Delivering settlement letters or paid in full letters via text or email that can be retrieved not only from a pc but any smart device ends stalled transactions and finalizes payments and terms while cutting costs.

Our Expertise

Application Development

A trusted software development firm, Divinity applies its vast industry knowledge to building landmark enterprise solutions.

Quality Assurance

To avoid surprises at the very end of the implementation phase, QA becomes part of the development process.

Requirements Engineering

Someone from our team talks to business users and managers on a regular basis using the language of business, not just the language of IT.

Data Security

Propensio uses the data where it resides and does not store or replicate the data in any fashion. The data continues to reside securely behind the client’s firewall. Not only does this improve security it reduces the risk profile with a light footprint and streamlines operations by eliminating the processes to keep the data in sync.

Research & Development

Divinity works with highly-sophisticated clients whose projects often demand solid scientific knowledge in multiple disciplines.

UX Design

UX encompasses all aspects of user interactions with a product, and UX Design is an important process of determining the user’s goals.


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