Running your business is a puzzle

The products that Divinity Software Group provides are just pieces in that puzzle. Every business has different needs when it comes to monitoring processes, and especially when controlling the flow of information to and from data vendors. Divinity Software Group’s products are powerful in their functionality, sophisticated in their execution, and simply elegant in their delivery. Depending on the level of technical expertise in your organization, subscribing to, configuring and gaining an immediate productivity boost from ProDataRex or Promoneo can be either a few simple mouse clicks, or it may be an immobilizing challenge. That’s why Divinity Software Group has teamed up with an expert team of Accounts Receivables Management industry consultants. They know our products, and they can onboard you quickly and painlessly. To find out how to engage one of our value added resellers, please visit our Contacts page.
Running your business is a puzzle. That's why you need Divinity.

Our Expertise

Application Development

A trusted software development firm, Divinity applies its vast industry knowledge to building landmark enterprise solutions.

Quality Assurance

To avoid surprises at the very end of the implementation phase, QA becomes part of the development process.

Requirements Engineering

Someone from our team talks to business users and managers on a regular basis using the language of business, not just the language of IT.

Training & Certification

Providing our resllers with comprehensive training in order to analyize our clients' needs and provide outstanding service.

Research & Development

Divinity works with highly-sophisticated clients whose projects often demand solid scientific knowledge in multiple disciplines.

UX Design

UX encompasses all aspects of user interactions with a product, and UX Design is an important process of determining the user’s goals.


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