Divinity Collaborative Signatures

Executing contracts while maintaining a sense of urgency is challenging. It is critical to reduce or eliminate turnaround time and increase consumer compliance with documents and contracts. Divinity Software’s is the “do it all in one phone call” system. This module gives agents the ability to assist consumers with document review and contract signing as well as automatically attaching the contracts directly to the account in your system of record. The ability to securely deliver the document to the consumer, provide interactive assistance while the consumer is on the phone, and assist with the signature process significantly reduces the time agents spend on outgoing contact to consumers to urge the signing and returning of mailed documents.

High-Speed Pace of Business

The Collaborative Signature module was designed for use in the Consumer and Agent Portals. Improving turnaround time and the speed with which agents can complete tasks, this module adds value to both portals because of its capability to immediately deliver important documents while on the phone with the consumer, maintaining the highest sense of urgency with the consumer.

Meet Consumer Demand

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with conducting business on their smartphones. We designed our Contract Sign module with this in mind, making the module compatible and fully responsive across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Consumers are able to receive contracts and documents, view them on their preferred device, and even complete an e-signature, all while on the phone with an agent.


Our state-of-the-art API is the foundation that provides our applications real-time access to account information in your system of record,
quickly and securely.



Optimized for full interaction from any device, consumers can independently receive real-time information, make payments and resolve account balances.


E-Doc Delivery

Securely create and send documents to consumers via email or SMS text using our online portal. Documents can include account media, disclosures, and more.


IVR Phone Automation

IVR payment technology allows consumers the convenience to pay by phone through an automated phone system designed to provide the best user experience.



Improve payment plan compliance by presenting payment arrangements, terms, and authorizations that can be signed electronically from any device.


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Divinity Software is your comprehensive solution for providing the real-time information your consumers, clients, and agents require while boosting your profits.