Divinity IVR Phone Automation

Divinity Software’s IVR Phone Automation module is a user-friendly interface that collects payments and allows consumers to check their balance over the phone without requiring integration into your phone system. Consumers are provided a local phone number which allows them to seamlessly connect to an agent at any time. Alternatively, our IVR module can use caller identification and specified account information to authenticate the caller, allow access to the account, and collect payment information. By automating the payment process, our IVR module reduces errors and costs while increasing your profitability.

Seamless Integration

Our IVR Phone Automation module is designed for use in conjunction with our Consumer Portal. Through automation that doesn’t require any additional technological installations, purchases, or integrations from your staff, our IVR module seamlessly provides another convenient avenue for consumers to independently make payments on their accounts.

Flexible and Secure

Consumers increasingly prefer to manage accounts independently and without agent interaction. Reducing interactions between consumers and agents can reduce complaints and increase consumer satisfaction. Our IVR Phone Automation module gives consumers the flexibility to either make a payment with an agent or without an agent after electronically validating their identity. Our API module seamlessly streams data in real-time while IVR completes the transaction and then transmits the transaction information back to your system of record.


Our state-of-the-art API is the foundation that provides our applications real-time access to account information in your system of record,
quickly and securely.



Optimized for full interaction from any device, consumers can independently receive real-time information, make payments and resolve account balances.


E-Doc Delivery

Securely create and send documents to consumers via email or SMS text using our online portal. Documents can include account media, disclosures, and more.



Improve payment plan compliance by presenting payment arrangements, terms, and authorizations that can be signed electronically from any device.


Collaborative Signatures

Drastically reduce turnaround time and simplify processes with the ability to generate, transfer, and collect signatures on contracts during a phone call.


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Divinity Software is your comprehensive solution for providing the real-time information your consumers, clients, and agents require while boosting your profits.