Divinity Payments

Our Payments module provides consumers an easy-to-use, versatile payment portal to securely resolve any account balance online without agent assistance. Divinity Software integrates into your system of record through our API to automatically connect to workflows to change statuses, advance work dates, and reset payment reminders. Our Payments module has the ability to present custom payment terms via individual client requirements, age of account, agency policy, or any other key identifying account information.

Positive ROI

Many consumers prefer to resolve their account without talking to an agent. Our Payments module provides this opportunity. Consumers are able to access account information, make payments, and more through a secure online portal that connects to your system of record in real-time. Creditors and collection service providers using our Payments module have proven positive ROI in every installation through increased monthly payments and reduced employee costs.

Efficient Accessibility

Designed to be fully responsive from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, our Payments module provides the efficiency and flexibility your consumers want. Through our state-of-the-art API, real-time data is accessible anytime, anywhere. You can give your consumers the independence they prefer while saving time and money.


Our state-of-the-art API is the foundation that provides our applications real-time access to account information in your system of record,
quickly and securely.


E-Doc Delivery

Securely create and send documents to consumers via email or SMS text using our online portal. Documents can include account media, disclosures, and more.


IVR Phone Automation

IVR payment technology allows consumers the convenience to pay by phone through an automated phone system designed to provide the best user experience.



Improve payment plan compliance by presenting payment arrangements, terms, and authorizations that can be signed electronically from any device.


Collaborative Signatures

Drastically reduce turnaround time and simplify processes with the ability to generate, transfer, and collect signatures on contracts during a phone call.


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Divinity Software is your comprehensive solution for providing the real-time information your consumers, clients, and agents require while boosting your profits.