Divinity Reg-E

Divinity Software’s Automated Reg-E solution simplifies compliance by presenting payment terms to consumers, capturing e-signatures, and making copies available to the consumer at any time. When the consumer enters a payment arrangement online through the automated system, the consumer is presented arrangement terms and an authorization to be signed electronically. Consumers are able to complete the entire process in just a couple of minutes.

Advance Your Compliance

The Reg-E module was designed to simplify compliance with Regulation E while improving bottom-line collection results. This module is for both the Consumer and Agent Portals and provides real-time data through our advanced API, which is connected directly to your system of record.

Increase Conversion

Consumers are more likely to complete a transaction if it is able to be completed quickly. Through our cutting-edge API technology, our Reg-E module streams information securely and is responsive from any device. We help you deliver consumers the speed and performance they want to minimize wait times and increase your conversion. Give your agents the tools to finalize a larger number of agreements in a shorter amount of time.


Our state-of-the-art API is the foundation that provides our applications real-time access to account information in your system of record,
quickly and securely.



Optimized for full interaction from any device, consumers can independently receive real-time information, make payments and resolve account balances.


E-Doc Delivery

Securely create and send documents to consumers via email or SMS text using our online portal. Documents can include account media, disclosures, and more.


IVR Phone Automation

IVR payment technology allows consumers the convenience to pay by phone through an automated phone system designed to provide the best user experience.


Collaborative Signatures

Drastically reduce turnaround time and simplify processes with the ability to generate, transfer, and collect signatures on contracts during a phone call.


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Divinity Software is your comprehensive solution for providing the real-time information your consumers, clients, and agents require while boosting your profits.