Client Portal

Divinity Software Group developed the Client Portal to document every client request and automatically respond to clients as tasks are completed. Client requests can be attached to the account records along with the agency response notes. Work queues and ticklers for client services staff and your client can be customized to fit your needs. Reduce errors by automating the documentation of requests and recording every action and request received from your client while speeding up the process and reducing personnel needed by automation.

Efficiency Through Automation

Our customizable Client Portal has features that save time and money, reduce human error, and automate daily processes to improve compliance and increase consumer satisfaction. With the ability to upload documentation on the account level, businesses are able to eliminate multiple applications to more efficiently and accurately handle legal concerns and disputes. The Client Portal is able to handle most client communications and provides you the ability to:

  • Report payments
  • Update demographics
  • Deliver statements
  • Upload/Download reports and files

Detailed Documentation

Communicating with clients on a daily basis is expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention, the wrong answer from an inexperienced representative could cost you a major client. Eliminate the need for a full staff by automating your processes. Our Client Portal documents every single client request and automatically responds to the client upon task completion. Client requests can be stamped directly to the account along with the noted agency response. Work queues and ticklers for both representatives and client personnel can be customized for certain actions. Reduce the risk of human error by documenting every action and every request received from your client, while at the same time, speeding up processes and reducing personnel through automation.

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