Consumer Portal

Improving the consumer’s experience is at the heart of everything we do. We designed the Divinity Software modules to provide consumers real-time account management and options for immediate account actions. Our Consumer Portal extends the consumer’s online banking experience into the collections space.

Consumer Centric

We understand that consumers increasingly prefer to manage their accounts with a smart phone, tablet, or computer rather than speaking with someone over the phone. Our Consumer Portal is tied directly to your system of record through our real-time API, and all modules are optimized for full responsiveness from any device for the best consumer experience. Increase your consumer response and satisfaction through a compliant and convenient portal that is centered around the consumer; Divinity Software lowers your costs and increases your profitability.

Consumer Portal Features

Our Consumer Portal is an access point for consumers to interact with available modules. The portal is completely customized for each company that deploys it, which can include key customer interaction tools including:

  • Paying and managing consumer accounts online.
  • Agree to payment arrangement schedules online.
  • Present custom settlement offers to consumers online by consumer score, client covenant, or other business rules.
  • Provide access to itemized statements or documents.
  • Offer email or text SMS notices and reminders
  • Send and retrieve e-signed agreements including Student Loan Rehab, Regulation-E Signatures, etc.
  • Compatibility across all devices (PC, iOS, tablet, and smartphone)
  • Allow consumers to easily manage their account online without having to speak to a representative unless needed

Other Portals


Organizing the information between the agent and the consumer, we provide real-time access to e-docs and pertinent account information while the consumer is on the phone.

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Automating and consolidating communication and reporting between service providers and clients, we assist with reducing errors and costs while increasing efficiency and compliance.

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Divinity Software is your comprehensive solution for providing the real-time information your consumers, clients, and agents require while boosting your profits.