Divinity Software Group

Divinity does Development. As regulation, communication, technology, and your business evolve, Divinity Software will continue to evolve. Divinity Software Group was formed to provide exceptional applications that will enhance your current software, increase your cash flow, cut costs, and aid in your daily processes. We are a team of developers and employees with years of industry knowledge committed to helping you and your business succeed.

Our Leadership

James J. Eccleston

Managing Member

With over 30 years’ experience in the financial services, accounts receivable management, and technology industries as an executive officer, Jim has obtained extensive experience and knowledge in the development, execution, and management of various technologies related to business process management and automation. In his role as Managing Member at Divinity Software Group, Jim provides the operational expertise and experience to work with development team to deliver software solutions that businesses require to expand and advance into future. His diverse background as CEO, COO, and senior executive with some of the largest call centers and technology companies, both private and publicly traded, has given him an uncommon insight and understanding into a client’s industry and processes which allows for Divinity to deliver solutions to meet the client’s growth, goals and objectives efficiently.

Ryan Mack

Senior Solutions Architect

Ryan has 20 years’ experience in accounts receivable and software development. Beginning his career in the collections space, Ryan recognized an urgent need for increased efficiency. To cut costs, Ryan developed unique scoring and automated workflows, creating both internal efficiency and process automation. Over the years, his deep understanding of agency and business needs has allowed him to approach software solutions from a business perspective that provides added value to the end user. As the Senior Solutions Architect at Divinity Software Group, Ryan builds software from the ground up with the business, rather than the program, in mind, creating innovative software that is functional for the everyday user.

Ryder Thompson

EVP Business Development

Ryder has over 37 years’ experience in the banking, collections, healthcare, and retail industries. With over 30 years as VP and Chief Operating Officer in the collections industry, his knowledge base includes compliance, streamlining account flows, dialer campaigns, and the utilization of automation to maximize efficiency within business processes. In his role as EVP Business Development at Divinity Software Group, Ryder is focused on presenting the niche software tools that increase revenue, automate processes, and cut costs. Through Divinity’s unique modules, Ryder assists organizations with improving client and customer satisfaction.